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Horses & Unicorns For Carriages

Horses & Unicorns For Carriages

Due to customer requests we have designed horses to go with our carriage cake/cupcake stands 
We have created 3 sizes to go with each of our carriages 
3mm MDF - Small Carriage 
6mm MDF- Medium Carriage 
9mm MDF - Large Carriage 
The horses are available unpainted or painted in white or ivory. 
3mm horses for Small Carriage 
Height: 17cm
Width: 22cm
Unpainted £10.00 

Painted £15.00


6mm horses for Medium Carriage 
Height: 29cm
Width: 37cm
Unpainted 15.00

Painted £20.00


9mm horses for Large Carriage
Height: 34cm
Width: 45cm
Unpainted £20.00

Painted £25.00

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